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Sexual Abuse Therapy in Wichita, KS

Sexual abuse counseling can often require you to dig into parts of yourself to tackle difficult subjects. This can be trying, but it may be necessary to heal. The good news is that once you are given the proper tools and help to heal your wounds, moving forward can become easier with time.

It can sometimes be a cathartic experience to talk about these experiences in a safe space where you do not feel judged. Among some of the more difficult topics to discuss is sexual abuse. Many may try to avoid their history of abuse in an attempt to leave these problems behind. This issue is especially true with teens. However, blocking painful memories can cause long-term damage, such as amnesia.

Sexual assault is often among the most traumatic experiences a person can undergo. Individuals can repress these events for a long time. Some people don’t talk about childhood sexual abuse until years after the fact. But discussing it is a way to heal.

Seeing someone to help you face this time in your life can be very helpful, and it can change your life. While you might have met with an assault forensic examiner following an incident, that may not constitute adequate treatment. You may find that the trauma you experienced is continuing to impact various areas of your life.

When you attend therapy sessions, it’s much easier to begin the healing process. This means that you will learn and develop various self-care strategies and tactics to aid you throughout your daily life. These strategies can help when a person who has experienced sexual abuse feels overwhelmed with thoughts about the previous incident and its related ebbs and flows of emotions.

Some survivors of sexual abuse bottle their emotions up so that they can ignore them and function. The solution? Many mindful and experiential techniques during therapy can aid in the recovery process. These include learning to meditate, writing in a journal, creating a piece of art, and more.

A sexual abuse survivor could be struggling with feelings of numbness, fears of intimacy with a current partner, shame for “allowing the incident to happen,” and more. While it could be challenging to face internal emotions, using them for something positive also helps self-love and recovery.

Many survivors of sexual abuse often have difficulty expressing and validating their thoughts and emotions. Sexual abuse counseling can help survivors correct their course. Talking to a licensed counselor that can help you validate your emotions can significantly boost your confidence.

Many survivors of sexual abuse who finally face their painful emotions, although challenging, can achieve a sense of liberation and peace. Expressing your emotions can begin taking back what sexual abuse has taken from you and other survivors.

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