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Parenting Therapy in Wichita, KS

Parenting therapy works with parents to help them face difficult moments in parenting. Parenting therapy also helps parents identify, address, and manage past or present experiences that may be affecting the way you relate to your child. In some cases, parenting therapy may also help parents better communicate between each other to maintain a cohesive and structured parenting approach.

Parenting therapy aims to provide parents with the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, and support to take care of their children in the most ideal way possible. Parenting therapy can offer many benefits for both parents and their children. For parents, parenting therapy offers:

  • Valuable education on how to respond to their children
  • Support during tough parenting periods
  • A safe place to process emotions
  • Awareness of community resources
  • Strategies to better address family functioning

For children, parenting therapy can offer:

  • Practice with emotion regulation
  • A safe place to express and process emotions
  • An alternative way to communicate
  • Support from their parents and counselor
  • Education on how to verbalize feelings
  • Feeling more involved in family functioning

Here at ACFC we have a team of experienced therapists who are committed to their patients every step of the way. We will help match you to the therapist on our staff best suited to meet your needs. We accept most major insurance providers. Check our Insurance page to see if your provider is accepted.

If you would like to seek parenting therapy with an ACFC counselor – simply fill out our contact form below, chat with us during business hours or call us at 316-945-5200 to get the process started. We look forward to meeting with you.

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