Abbey Read, LMFT

Abbey Read, LMFT

I offer down-to-earth conversations with a bit of humor. I sit presently with individuals and walk alongside them as they take on life’s highs and lows. I served clients for 17 months at Table of Hope MCC, a radically diverse LGBTQ-friendly congregation. I also worked with a variety of family systems during my time at the Center on Family Living at Friends University.

My ideal client wants to experience personal growth and improve their relationships with those around them. Maybe they need some help just keeping their head above water for right now- that’s okay too! My clients have the same needs every human has: physiological needs, personal safety, love, belonging, self-esteem, and fulfilling their potential. Their goals may look different depending on their life stage, circumstances, and worldview. I seek to help clients define and achieve their goals, big or small.

Life’s challenges may seem insurmountable right now, but I promise they are not! I believe every individual holds innate value. I desire to empower you to identify your own strengths and recognize your worth. Through client-centered, nonjudgmental practices, I can walk with you to create meaning in your own life and your relationships.

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