Provider Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Experiential Program

Professional training programs in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy generally recommend providers have their own psychedelic experiences prior to working with clients in psychedelic facilitation and integration. Ketamine offers a safe and legal option for professionals to gain this important experience. We are committed to offering affordable psychedelic experiences to mental health professionals who feel called to this important work. 

For healing arts, coaches, medical, and mental health professionals interested in learning more about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), we offer Group KAP and individual KAP Sessions. Our program is specially designed considering preparatory and integration sessions designed to offer both professional development, mental health, and personal growth opportunities. 

KAP Experiential Program Overview

Step One: Intake and Mental Health Screening

You and your KAP therapist will meet for one hour to discuss your mental health history, general medical history and answer any questions you may have about ketamine. Where appropriate, you and your KAP therapist will discuss your personal history and set intentions for your ketamine sessions. We will help you consider which of our KAP options are best for your specific situation. You will talk through what to expect and explore your preferences for how your KAP therapist can support you during and after your experiential sessions. 

Once cleared for participation, you will then be referred to the medical provider of your choice. A list of Local and National medical providers offering both in person and telehealth options will be provided to you at this time.  

Step Two: Medical Health Screening

You and your medical health provider will meet to determine if KAP is the best option for your goals. When deemed appropriate, your provider will provide a prescription for Ketamine lozenges which can be locally or nationally filled. Please ask your provider for an estimate of the costs associated with filling the Ketamine prescription. In our clinical experience, costs range from $70 to $150 depending upon pharmacy and any shipping or delivery costs. Once your medicine is in hand, please call ACFC to schedule or verify your KAP Experiential session date.

Step Three: KAP Experiential Session

You will be fully supported throughout your individual or group KAP Experiential Session. Individual sessions are approximately two hours with additional recovery time as needed. Group KAP sessions are approximately three hours with additional recovery time as needed. 

Plan to take the rest of the day off on your KAP Experiential Session day. You will need a ride home after your ketamine session.

Step Four: Integration

Group Integration sessions are encouraged for all participants. The purpose of these sessions is to integrate what came up for you in your KAP experiential session and more deeply internalize the experience. Integration involves being seen and heard, knowing, and being known within community with others. These weekly sessions are held at a pre-determined time. Alternatively, you would like to meet individually with your KAP therapist in the days following your Ketamine Experiential Session, individual sessions are available for scheduling. 

Call 316-945-5200 to set up your intake appointment and mention KAP when calling or download our pdf below.

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