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Anger Management Counseling in Wichita, KS

Undergoing effective anger management counseling results in the successful reduction in anger and violent outbursts. Personal relationships that have been strained by a high level of aggression may undergo improvement. 

Professionally, workplace relationships have a similar outcome that are beneficial to a patient’s career and personal sense of satisfaction. Legally, continued attendance to anger management programs, mandated or not, can be seen as a sign of good faith. From an emotional standpoint, reducing the internal level of anger results in a decrease in stress and an increase in overall happiness as a result.

From a medical standpoint, physical illnesses also improve from positive emotional and behavioral changes. Anger management style and overall level of anger has been associated with both acute and chronic pain sensitivity. 

Blood pressure is another physiological aspect affected by anger, with increased levels of anger being correlated with higher blood pressure. The implications of an effect on blood pressure for overall health is made evident by the link between high blood pressure and the increased risk of cardiovascular disease. 

An increase in the immune system’s efficacy has also been observed as a result of the increased level of relaxation. Successful anger management could also lead to an overall longer life span due to the decrease in reckless behavior and violent altercations.

Here at ACFC we have a team of experienced anger management counselors who are committed to their patients every step of the way. We will help match you to the counselor on our staff best suited to meet your needs. We accept most major insurance providers. Check our Insurance page to see if your provider is accepted.

If you would like to seek anger counseling with an ACFC counselor – simply fill out our contact form below, chat with us during business hours or call us at 316-945-5200 to get the process started. We look forward to meeting with you.

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